This road takes me off of the place which taught me to dream… I am leaving, as someone who is not the same as the one who came in. But what’s the last lesson? What’s the takeaway? And, what are we leaving behind?


I remember my first day at IITI, missing home, couldn’t sleep. Then, there was this day - the last day, high on emotions, couldn’t sleep. So it was all about time, which had to go and it went. Stepping out of that vibrant and colourful atmosphere wasn’t easy, but we had to do it, and we did. Wasn’t it the thing we were preparing for, all those years, anyway?

It still takes my heart to remember those unforgettable final hours, when a lot of my long time doubts vanished, when reality showed me the way, the way towards dreams and towards peace. I didn’t want to cry, but the mood was so high on the atmosphere.

It was 6 AM, May 3rd, and I still had a lot to pack. No room for a lot of stuff, what a pity! After all, I was finally ready to leave, ready to hit the road, ready to disappear! It was still two hours, and so how about a morning walk? I knew I had to cry, and so how about waking that good old friend up?

We walked out. Just as cold breeze outside touched me, a glimpse of those academic buildings and all the tears waiting from long, couldn’t be held anymore!

“I wish, there could be one more day! Just one more!”, said I. What was that thing for which I wanted one more day? It wasn’t the people, I could meet them again, call them up! It was the place, which wouldn’t be the same anymore. It was the lifestyle, that had to be left behind.

We didn’t walk much. I had no strength left to feel that breeze and the view, it was all so heavy for it was the last time. I knew I was about to break down.

In a remote corner of my mind, I still had that worry, about the things I wanted to take back. The real things which carried so many memories of fun times. Was it all to leave behind? In no way, I could pack them all. It was a choice, what should go ahead with me, what should be left out?

With so less time at IITI in hand, reality fell hard on me. Packing everything up in just two bags, the last lesson was finally clear - the lesson to let go of the material stuff and the burden, keep only the memories, the lessons. The time was gone, but it was ours and would forever be. I had been carrying so much in the name of memories for these four years, the notes, the pens, tickets and what not. I had been carrying so much of… hoping to say it all, someday. But the time for that was up.

I realised that if I had to leave comfortably, I needed to leave all that behind - for some things are better memorized, some things aren’t required to be on paper, or in a box.

Then, what does it take to be happy? We didn’t hit any bars, we didn’t dance often, what we have is all the work we did together. After all, there aren’t many places in the world which make you work even on the last day! We did, and it was fun! It kept the spirit alive. Some bonds will be cherished forever!

And, as Linkin Park says: There are things we can have, but can’t keep.

My cab was there soon, the last gift I got was this great drawing of Itachi Uchiha. The one who drew it, drew it with great love, with great respect, with great emotion, and I owe him a lot. What I have today are a bunch of memories, experiences, case studies and stories to tell myself and everyone. True it was hard leaving that place, but moments like these also give a chance, what to pack, and what to let go. Let go off some burdens, cherish and understand the value of time, take with you what really matters! These are the things I won’t be able to write about, experiences which no one can read about, no one can ever download. It was all finally done! I was out on the road, travelling home with tears, pride, happiness… what a mix of emotions! Free for a fresh start.

Seasons come and go, but the mission continues.