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I’m Aditya, a graduate student in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

After graduating with a bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Indore back in 2019, I spent over three years in Singapore’s iconic Central Business District, working at Jump Trading and understood the workings of High Frequency Trading (HFT) technology and capital markets. To me, HFT is like a space program for financial markets or an exciting sport propelled by technology at its core very much like Formula One.

At UW, I am working with Prof. Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau on some exciting problems in the Blockchain space. My interest in crypto technology largely originates from my exposure to traditional HFT as well as the rise of crypto trading during that time.

My other interests include HW/SW Codesign and Quantum Mechanics. I have done advanced undergrad / graduate level coursework at the Department of Physics, UW–Madison, in both Quantum Computation and Quantum Mechanics. I am fascinated by the mysteries of this field and how even after understanding the mathematical formulations, I am still puzzled by it.

Please email me with your Bachata/Latino song suggestions and historical fiction TV recommendations!

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